St Andrew’s

The staff and students of St Andrew’s Regional School have donated an artwork to raise money for a Ukrainian family. This work is made in part from thumbprints of more than 150 students and staff and will be part of the Artists for Ukraine auction. One hundred percent proceeds from the sale of this work will go to the Oza Family.

“This painting represents the efforts of many staff and students who added their fingerprints to create this abstract painting inspired by the colours of the Ukrainian flag. One of our Ukrainian students explained that the yellow in the flag represents the wheat fields which are predominant throughout Ukraine and the blue represents the sky. Our goal in making this painting was to show our support for the people of Ukraine who have been displaced by the war and to use the proceeds of a raffle or silent auction to support a Ukrainian family who is trying to begin a new life in our community.”

Andrew Gibbs, Art instructor, St Andrew’s Regional School.