Hello Victoria! Please meet the Oza family,  Deven, Natalia, and their two sons Aarav and Nathan.  They arrived in Victoria on May 30th after a 16-hour travel day with the clothes on their backs and two mall suitcases.  This is a family of four from the village of Shubkiv in the Rivne region of Ukraine.  The war came to them on February 24th and to save their lives they had to flee.  Imagine spending three months travelling with two small children in various refugee camps and shelters. Through it all, they keep smiling! 

Weary but hopeful, they have found a temporary host family who have opened there home, but they do need to find a home of their own to settle into, as they begin their new lives here in Canada. The family is being sponsored by the Mark Anthony Group and the Artisan Wine Shop has offered Deven a job as the new Assistant Manager and he has graciously accepted.